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BBQ Chicken Tacos

Nature's Yum

BBQ Meatloaf

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Grilled Black Beans and Corn BBQ Pizza

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Barbecue Chicken Burritos

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Barbecue Chicken Quesadillas

Nature's Yum

Barbecue Meatballs

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Broccoli Salad

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Gilbert’s Phat Sunday Garbage Cake Cookies

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Gilbert’s Wings

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Walnut Chicken Salad


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- Adam B.

Hollywood, Fl.

I am a connoisseur of bbq. I own a Big Green Egg. Nothing beats the cooking capability of the Big Green Egg. Nature's Yum is incredibly delicious! What a fantastic addition to my Big Green Egg!

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- Marie T.

Miami, Fl.

Hmmm… now you know I'm from Georgia, and we Georgians luv' us some bbq! But this sauce-this is different. I've never tasted a sauce that is perfectly balanced. What a pleasant after taste that lingers in your mouth. Not too sweet, not too spicy. Just right!

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- Gilbert D.

Delray Beach, Fl.

Shoot! I can't believe it! My wife Leah ate the whole plate! She didn't leave me any! Can you make some more wings with your sauce? That stuffs the bomb! Shoot!!!!

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- Dane L.

Miami, Fl.

This is good--- man!

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- Hector G.

Miami, Fl.

My friend, I gave to my family for Labor Day holiday bbq. OMG they loved it! Just like you said they would. I didn't believe you. I know you! How could you be the inventor of such a good bbq sauce. Lol!

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- Peter & Lorie C.

Great Britain (RAF) While serving in the USAF (RAF Fairford, UK)

Stupendous! Simply amazing! I can't stop licking my fingers! This is Brilliant! Marvelous! I applaud you sir!

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- Marvin H.

Foodie Service Truck; Jazz in The Gardens Festival-Miami Garden, Fl.

Joe... this sauce is the bomb!!! My guests wiped me out!!! They were pigging out in front of me even before they paid for the food! We wuz' all crackin' up! They wuz' all sayin', "whaaaa... dang! Sho nuf' this is da' bomb! Marvin, where you get this from? Did you make this? Yo' recipe?! You gotta' give us the recipe!!! Man this is some good stuff!!!"

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- Michael N.

Golden Beach, Fl.

Man, this is really good. Nice balanced flavor. Not too spicy, just enough sweetness. Very, very, good. Great job!

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- Lorie L.

Miami, Fl

You might say there are lots of bbq sauces out there, but after you try Nature's Yum you won't be going back to any others! Sweet meets tangy with pure and natural as a bonus!

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- Michelle S

Coconut Creek, Fl.

Lol! Joe-stop laughing at me! Don't you dare say it!!! Yeah I know; I don't like to eat with my fingers! It's just so wrong to see people do that! But man… I can't stop licking my fingers! Lol! You were right! You got me! This REALLY IS EXCELLENT bbq sauce! Thanks so much for bringing to the church picnic!

A picture of the face in a circle.

- John P.

Pastor to USAF in RAF Fairford, UK

Joe... I had no idea you are such a great cook! If you hadn't invited me and my family to dinner, I never would've known you are more than an aircraft mechanic!

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- Sean P.

North Miami, Fl.

Joe this is really good sauce! Do you have a website yet? Let me know if you need one built. I'd like to get involved if you decide to bottle this sauce.

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- Doug Thompson

Costco Wholesale Southeast - Grocery Buyer

We did get to try it the other day and we had some pretty good feedback. Most enjoyed the sweet favor. Overall, I think it was pretty good stuff as compared to the 3 other sauces we tried. That being said, my original comments still ring true, we don't do well with BBQ sauces and we might be able to talk once you become more established? Thank you.

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- Norma E.

Port St. Lucie, Fl

Joe! What do you mean you won't share this recipe to me???! You need to!!! You won't! That's not fair! I don't understand why you won't share your sauce with a friend!!!

A man standing next to a grill with meat on it.

- Dana L.

Palm City, Fl.

Hi Joe! Oh my goodness, we are currently divouring two racks of ribs smothered in Nature's Yum! My two sons are 8.5 and 4. Both are picky and both love the ribs. Here are some quotes from my family:
It's really tasty! : 4 year old
I like the spicy brown sugar, cinnamony flavor. I like the gooey texture. : 8 year old.
Not too sweet, not too spicey. Tastes great! : My father.
Makes you want to go back for more. I like that it's kosher. : My mother.
I really like it, easy to cook with... Definitely going to take a bottle to Austria to make some ribs for my family there. Picture is my dad's neighbor. : My husband.

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- John J.

Waxhaw, NC.

That's some pretty fantastic Yum sauce bro. Perfectly seasoned, tastes fresh right out of the bottle, and clings to the meat very nicely.